Do you have what it takes to be an Astropreneur?

Generasi Marikh Academy is launching our Junior Astropreneur Xchange (JAX), a platform for Malaysian youths from ages 7 – 27 years old (and beyond!) to get INSPIRED, EDUCATED, CONNECTED AND ENGAGED with the developments of the global and local space industry.



Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency


MEASAT Satellite Systems


Generasi Marikh Academy


Malaysian Space Agency

To launch JAX we are hosting a cool virtual session with  a panel of space icons in conjunction with World Space Week, celebrated 4-10 October each year.

Our inaugural JAX Space Show will be focusing on talent development for the Malaysian space industry featuring Malaysia’s representatives for Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) 2020 Marco Marsh of the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and Ms Brelveenraj Kaur of MEASAT

The panel will be moderated by Generasi Marikh Academy’s own Chief Syukran and Malaysian Space Agency (MYSA) Research Officer, Mr Shahrizal Ide Moslin


Hailing from Sabah, Marco Marsh joined as a National Point of Contact for Malaysia at the Space Generation Advisory Council in 2020 as a scholar student completing his Master of Space Studies at the International Space University (ISU) in Strasbourg. Previously, Marco graduated from the University of Bristol, holding an M.Eng. in Electrical and Electronics and an M.Sc. in Integrated Aerospace Systems Design. Following university, he held professional roles with the Customer Solutions Engineering team at Intelsat and as a Spacecraft Controller for the Cluster II, Rosetta, and Mars Express missions at the European Space Operations Centre in Darmstadt, Germany. He is about to take the next step in his career by working with the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA).

Marco enjoyed his recent education at ISU, cultivating enduring interest in several topics, including analogs, space debris, spaceflight operations, and astronaut training. He served as a project coordinator for “Team ChipSat” – a diverse team of 21 members from 17 different nationalities tasked with uncovering the design and value of a sub-10-gram satellite to both ISU and the space industry. Team ChipSat submitted multiple abstracts to the International Astronautical Congress (IAC), many of which were accepted. While at ISU, Marco had additional involvement in a trip to the Cosmonaut Training Center at Star City in Moscow, was a member of the organizing committee for the ISU Alumni Conference 2020, and engaged with visiting French high school students to ISU’s campus.  

Brelveenraj Kaur graduated as an electrical and electronic engineer from the National Defence University of Malaysia. She currently works as a satellite controller for MEASAT, a Malaysian communications satellite operator, which owns and operates the MEASAT and AFRICASAT spacecraft.

She recently attended the Young Professionals in Space Conference 2019 in Dubai, and was lucky to meet the first UAE astronaut, visit the Al Sharjah Academy for Astronomy , Space Science and Technology and The Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center. She will be sharing with the young space cadets from Generasi Marikh Academy about her experiences.

Mission Commander “Chief” Syukran Idris served in PETRONAS for 10 years, and currently a consultant to the Malaysian aerospace industry.

He was panel speaker for the National Youth Convention 2017 on the topic “Journey towards a Space Nation” together with the first Malaysian astronaut and a former NASA scientist.

He recently went for a research trip to NASA facilities across North America, and to the European Space Agency  to bring your kids only the best and latest space education content

Shahrizal Ide Moslin has a Master’s degree from Delft University of Technology,  Netherlands in Space System Engineering.

He then joined the National Space Agency of Malaysia (ANGKASA), as a researcher in the Space Application and Technology Development Division.



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