Natasha Goh Jia Xi


Age : 15

This painting shows that women have the ability to explore the mysteries of the universe. Women can explore and study places other than the Earth, bringing us new knowledge and research. Is it suitable for human habitation and what living conditions are better than on other planets? Nowadays, women are different. They no longer only put their own conditions in the family, some simple industries, but they also begin to broaden their abilities to larger ones, attempting to use their own abilities to bless society. Female astronauts use today’s technology to study and explore different points of knowledge in the universe and see the light that ordinary people have no chance of discovering. The birds in the picture represent infinite hope and possibility. There is still a lot in the universe we do not know. As long as we do not give up any opportunity to explore, I believe we will find more surprises from the universe. We need more talent and different innovations to give us greater breakthroughs in the space sector, not just gender and our own conditions. We will work together to explore the universe, and we believe there will be new breakthroughs in the near future!

Paint the Cosmos!

In conjunction with World Space Week 2021, Generasi Marikh Academy is organizing a space art competition with awesome prizes!


Introducing our Guest Judge!

Syahirah Stargazer

Nurul Syahirah Binti Nazarudin, also known as Syahirah Stargazer in the online community, is an artist astronomer and dark sky advocate in Malaysia. Syahirah started to gain the attention of international organizations through her beautiful and accurate astronomy artwork and was subsequently accepted as a member of the International Association of Astronomical Artists.

Aside from her artistic prowess, Syahirah also advocates for dark skies in Malaysia. She strives to spread awareness of astronomy and the importance of dark skies through her passion in astronomy and drawing.

A message from Syahirah

“A special commissioned piece I made for Generasi Marikh Academy

The painting represents the future generations who will explore the barren realm beyond the comfort of our home planet for humanity’s advancement across space and time.

I would love to emphasize Earth’s atmospheric view, making the young explorers look small, keeping them grounded while pointing to their next frontier above; Mars. I enjoyed making Mars surface, which is the most fave part of this painting.”